Technology and manufacturing is our profession. Rotating elements as a system or complex special plants, including automation, dressed in sheet metal, gets us going.


Rolls and cylinders

Heating and cooling rolls, with or without coating. If required, including engineering and technical design. Hard chrome and PU coating are core areas of expertise.

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Wellen und Langteile

Shafts, axles, cylinders, and mandrels. Ground, surface treated, and hardened. Stainless or tempered steel, with nuts, taps and various hardnesses from 40 to 65 HRC. Concentricity - 0,01mm

Sheet metal processing

BMG designs, builds and repairs parts from your systems and supplies replacement components. We also design and build complete machines. If required, we design necessary special solutions.

Laser schneiden

Retrofit and system repair

BMG offers retrofit on equipment of path-shaped processes, among others mobile drilling and welding equipment for on-site repairs. Furthermore, we offer dismantling, repair, and restoration including reconstruction.

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