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Rotating elements and path-like processes are our core areas of expertise

Finding system solutions and mechanical manufacturing is our profession

Training & coaching is our calling

Our offer

A thorough approach

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human capital

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Everyone says, "This can't be done!"
Then someone came along who didn't know that
and just did it!

BMG - Bernie Meier GmbH optimizes the business development with you. The "software" human (human capital) acts in conjunction with the "hardware" technology!

Enriched with knowledge from practical experience and permanent further training in technology and training methodology, we complete your orders and specifications with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

The BMG team brings over 40 years of operational experience in the industrial environment. We live the technology and do not talk about problems but discuss solutions.

Specializing in path-like processes, automation, and coatings, as well as roll and cylinder construction.

Engineering tools
Techniker bei der Arbeit

Starting a business and generating revenue is one thing. Keeping the business at scale and moving it forward is another.
BMG has chosen 8 focus areas to actively support you:
4 areas in manufacturing for core industrial components, and 4 areas in sales, leadership and health management.

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Current mandates 2020/21

Allmetra AG

Pfister Werkzeugbau AG

Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co KG

Oekopack Conservus AG

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OMB Maschinenfabrik AG

AGEMA Germany GmbH

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BMG - Bernie Meier GmbH

St. Gallerstrasse 32

8853 Lachen SZ


+41 (0)71 920 01 02‬

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BMG - Bernie Meier GmbH

Niederstettenstrasse 15

9536 Schwarzenbach 


+41 (0)79 437 66 94‬

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