Engineering  & Training

" human capital & technologies" 

Rotating elements and path-shaped processes are our technical elements and fields of competence

Finding system solutions and mechanical manufacturing is our profession,
training & coaching our vocation

Everyone says... "It can't be done!" Then someone came along who didn't know that and just did it!

BMG Bernie Meier GmbH optimizes business development with you. The "software" human (human capital) acts in combination with the "hardware" technology!

Enriched with knowledge from practical experience and permanent further training in technology and training methodology, we complete your orders and specifications with a lot of joy and enthusiasm

Starting a business and generating sales is one thing. Keeping the company on the level and moving it forward is another.

BMG Bernie Meier GmbH holds the following mandates 2020/21: 

Allmetra AG / Pfister Werkzeugbau AG / Blaser Malters AG / esgemo GmbH / 
OMB AG / TMR snc / AWU Precision k.s / Groupe TAM (F)

BMG has selected 8 focal points to actively support you:

4 areas in the production of core industrial components, as well as 4 areas in sales, management and health management.

human capital

The human "system" is a complex construct with many sensors. Quantum computers and effective algorithms in the digital age help us to calculate. But it is still the human motive that will lead us to our goal! Communicating includes selling and leading. This is where we set our priorities.

Sales and distribution service

Well networked, in the right place, saves time and energy.

You will receive a highly trained employee with the clear mission to expand and maintain your customer base.
He/she will be managed and controlled by BMG and fed with BMG network data. The selected sales force will work the market in your name and report to you regularly.

Sales coaching

Correct communication is control and steering.

Coaching for BMG does not mean teaching theories, but acting and demonstrating directly at the front line.  We take the specialist to be trained into the market, visit customers and impart practice and knowledge directly on the market front. You will receive sales principles, a lot of technical knowledge and some values about "work-life balance". A factual "All inclusive".

Interim Management

Leading means demonstrating, with expertise and fairness.                               

It is not the wind that gives you direction, but the setting of the sails.
Respect for employees, customers and suppliers is just as much a part of this as the implementation of an adapted lean management and its tools. Serenity under increased pressure rounds off the day.
React, act, profit!
Not reducing is the motto. But to optimize! Thank you.

Trainings & Seminars

You know the way, we will lead you to your destination.

Various seminars and offers in the areas of sales and management form the basis. Within this framework you will also find mental coaching, self-management and communication. 
Individual coaching and group workshops are tailored to our customers. The coaches are selected and briefed according to your needs.

The BMG team brings over 40 years of operational experience in the industrial environment. We live the technology and do not talk about problems but discuss solutions.

Specialized in the field of path-shaped processes, automation and coatings as well as construction of rollers and cylinders.

BMG Bernie Meier GmbH holds the following mandates 2020/21: 

Allmetra AG / Pfister Werkzeugbau AG / Blaser Malters AG / esgemo GmbH / 
OMB AG / TMR snc / AWU Precision k.s / Groupe TAM (F)


Engineering and manufacturing is our profession.  Rotating elements as a system or complex special machines, including automation clad in sheet metal, that's what gets us going.

Rollers and cylinders

Heating and cooling rollers with or without coating. If required, with engineering and technical design. Hard chrome and PU coating are core competences, including transport service.

Shafts and long components

Shafts, axes, cylinders and mandrels. Ground, surface treated and hardened. Stainless or tempered steel with keyways, threads and various hardnesses from 40 to 65 HRC. Concentricity - 0,01mm.

Sheet metal processing

BMG designs, builds and repairs parts from your plants and supplies replacement components. We also design and build complete appliances.
If required, we design necessary custom solutions.

Retrofitting and plant repairs

BMG offers retrofit of systems for path-shaped processes, e.g. mobile drilling and welding equipment for on-site repairs. Furthermore, we offer dismantling, repairs, and restoration, including reassembly.